Best rated mattresses of the year (2020)

If you are trying to find your new mattress. You are in just the right place. Here we have a list of some of the best mattresses in the market, along with their specifications which will help make your decision easier. Let’s hop in!

Saya Mattress
A decent foam mattress for all sleepers. For side sleeping, its medium firmness provides ample cushioning. Plus, it offers sufficient support for a safe alignment in the sleeping positions of the back and stomach. Plus, for a queen size, it costs $595, making it one of the lowest quality mattresses available. To encourage breathability, the Saya mattress has two layers and includes a woven cover. Its two layers are 11 inches thick altogether. To increase ventilation through the mattress and avoid heat trapping, the cover of the Saya is a blend of rayon, spandex, and polyester. A 3-inch comfort layer of Saya foam, a latex-like poly-foam, is below the shell. For comfort, Saya foam contours to the body but is still sufficiently bouncy to hold you raised “on top” of the mattress. Saya foam is less dense than standard memory foam, so it doesn’t absorb heat and keeps you cool when you sleep.

Surf & vurf Mattress
Consider Tuft & Needle’s Hybrid if you are looking for a bouncer bed. The T&N Hybrid incorporates all the original sleep-promoting features of the T&N mattress with bouncy innerspring coils. In contrast to most of the mattresses that we have featured so far, it has a solid feel. This mattress is described as medium-firm and we recommend it to sleepers on the hand, back, and stomach alike. First, without feeling too sinking, the T&N features a quilted pillow top to deliver plush cushioning. To boost temperature control, Tuft & Needle blends carbon fibres into this foam sheet. 2 inches of T&N Adaptive ® foam is the first layer of the mattress, a poly-foam intended to release more pressure than conventional memory foam. Tuft & Needle uses their patented Adaptive ® foam instead of using traditional memory foam in its mattresses.

Original Purple Mattress
You’ve definitely heard of Purple ® if you’ve browsed some online mattress companies. Purple ®, known for its catchy commercials, aims to provide better sleep with their revolutionary Purple GridTM. Featured in one of their prototypes for mattresses. Three different mattresses are manufactured by Purple ®: Original Purple ®, Purple ® Hybrid ®, and Purple ® Hybrid Premier. The thickness of the Purple GridTM is the only difference between the Purple ® Hybrid and the Hybrid Premiere. As it lacks coils, the flagship Purple ® mattress varies from both of the hybrid versions. There is a solid feeling in the Original Purple ® mattress that some describe as a medium-firm and others feel more luxury business. This mattress is, essentially, firmer than medium, but softer than hard. We recommend choosing one of their hybrid versions if you want a softer mattress, as they are available in various firmness choices.

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