Black Friday 2020 Is Going to be a Blockbuster Weekend, Data Suggests

The November holiday weekend is coming, and latest insights suggest it might just be the biggest ecommerce event than before. The COVID19 lockdowns and social distancing rules are already introducing a culture of contactless service in the US. As Black Friday approaches shoppers are expecting a more digital experience coupled with health safety from retailers.

Data from digital insight provider, DigitalCommerce360, indicates buyers have increased ecommerce activity over the year confined to homes due to lockdowns. This has allowed the development of more reliable payment solutions, increase in online orders, and retailers’ ability to provide contactless delivery & pick-up.

The survey reveals that 36% of consumers have begun to shop weekly online since the COVID19 lockdowns began. 90% of surveyed consumers preferred to have home delivery and online purchases rather than go in-store.

So what are the popular products shoppers bought on the Black Friday 2019 weekend?  

Business Insider in their article “The top 20 products Business Insider readers bought on Black Friday this year” published the popular categories shoppers are looking for.

Voice Assistants and Smart Technology

Technology remained a top seller in the previous year, with this year expected to be a massive blockbuster. Innovative products and improved ecommerce infrastructures have only strengthened buyer trust in online shopping places for Black Friday.

Voice assistants remain a very popular product to buy during the Thanksgiving holiday. From managing the alarm to playing your favorite music, voice assistants from tech giants have become a common occurrence in US homes.

Retailers have already begun to advertise Black Friday 2020 deals with some exclusive offers on their official web stores.

Subscription Based Services

Subscription based digital entertainment and other services are a very popular Black Friday purchase. From video streaming to VPN, a large chunk of digital services offers massive discounts sometimes up to 75% off in the Black Friday season.

Black Friday 2020 is already proving to bring massive savings on digital subscriptions and business services. Several providers are already offering a free week or month for their digital streaming services for Black Friday 2020. In this regard, there are many companies that help in buying a mattress. For example, Amerisleep Black Friday sales item is pretty much in demand.

Bedding and Mattress Deals

Why not invest in the most comfortable spot where we spend almost a third of our lives, bedding and mattress Black Friday deals online were another popular category in the 2019 black Friday season. Pillows, mattresses, beds, side tables, and linens were some of the most popular purchases.

The Black Friday 2020 event is bound to capitalize as US retailers are already advertising savings up to 50% on mattress deals online. The online experience buying a mattress or bed may not be the same as in store, but retailers are working to deliver augmented reality and virtual reality tours for a more vivid online shopping experience. 

Clothing, Apparel, and Jewelry

The 2019 season saw buyers rip through the internet for Black Friday clothing, apparel and jewelry bundles. Pendants, socks, umbrellas, coats, jackets, and suits were some of the many popular products that shoppers bought in the mega cut price event.