Russian Holidays

The most crucial Russian holiday is totally new Year’s Day – The month of january first. Throughout the Soviet era, everyone was not permitted to celebrate Christmas, so New Year’s grew to become the most crucial holiday. New Year’s is really a public holiday while Christmas is much more of the private family holiday. Happy Year in Russian is ‘Snovum Godom.’

Russian Orthodox Christmas is well known on The month of january seventh. This is actually the equivalent day-to December 25 within the old Russian calendar.Russians also celebrate ‘Catholic Christmas’ on December 25th and also the old Russian New Year’s Day’s The month of january 14th within the Julian calendar, that they used until 1918.

Russians celebrate more holidays than Hallmark Cards. It is only one other reason to drag the cork from the vodka bottle.

The most crucial holiday so far as Russian women are worried is “Worldwide Women’s Day.” This really is March 8. This holiday, that Americans haven’t heard about, is much like Valentine’s, A Birthday, and her birthday all folded into one. About this day, the boys do all of the cleaning. They treat the lady of the home as Queen for any Day. They’re buying her a pleasant gift and perhaps flowers.

One suggestion: Don’t forget this day while you would your anniversary, her birthday, Valentine’s, and A Birthday. It’s that vital that you a Russian lady.

One huge difference between Russia and America is the fact that Russians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving Day, A Birthday, or Father’s Day. They do not celebrate the ethnic holidays that America has like St. Patrick’s Day, Columbus Day, or Martin Luther King Day, although I am sure they might fall behind the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day 100 %.

Each former Soviet Republic features its own independence day that’s celebrated like Independence Day in the usa, while not quite towards the same degree it’s celebrated in the usa.Feb 23 is formally Soldier’s Day and is like Father’s Day where males are honored.

May 9 is Victory Day, in which the Russians celebrate victory within the great Loyal War — what we should call The Second World War. Every man who’s an experienced is treated just like a general about this day. There’s much consuming and celebrating to recognition the conquering war heroes.

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