Top beaches near Mumbai for a relaxing getaway in summer

Summers are here and therefore, it is time to plan a perfect vacation in cool places to take a respite from the scorching heat. And what could be a better way to do this than by planning getaways on the beaches? Beaches are the ultimate source of relaxation during the summertime and you can wear off all your stress and heat in its waters. If you are a Mumbaikar and even if you are not, there are numerous beaches around the city where you can make your sojourn to relax your tired self. Moreover, these places have misty and cool weather throughout the year and hence, your visit will be peaceful and rejuvenating during summertime. So, what are you waiting for? As we mention the best beaches near Mumbai, book hotel online around these beaches and make the most of your summer holiday. 

Alibaug Beach

Distanced at 100kms from the city centre, Alibaug Beach is a much-loved tourist spot near Mumbai. So, if you are wondering which place to visit, then tick this location for your next journey as the experience here will stay with you forever. Boasting a cooler ambience, this destination will give you the much-needed break from daily chores and will also soothe your senses from the scorching heat of the summer. Many Mumbaikars visit here for a quick beach break and also to engage in adventurous spots during the summer season. However, you can come here at other times of the year as well and engage in fun sports like ferry rides, kayaking, parasailing and kite surfing. If you are not in a mood to engage in activities, you can simply sit by the beach and enjoy the captivating scenic view and watch others having fun in their own way. There are many food stalls near the beach as well, so whenever you feel hungry, you can grab some light snacks to savour while you enjoying the beautiful sight. 

Manori Beach

Popularly acclaimed as ‘mini-goa’, Manori Beach is another tourist favourite spot to tour during the summer days. Many visitors are seen carrying their badminton rackets and playing joyously on the sands of the beach. Apart from all the beach activities that you can do here, try their authentic seafood as they are too good to miss. From prawns to pomfret, you will find everything at the food stalls here to quench your desire for real seafood dishes. The beach is surrounded by greenery and the cashew nut trees contribute immensely to the beauty of this place. Located in a two-hour driving distance from Mumbai, this place is also one of the best spots to capture the enthralling sight of the sunset. Essel World Amusement Park and Gorai Beach are its nearby attractions. 

Uttan Beach

Uttan is a lazy East Indian village situated in Bhayander Beach. A few hours drive away from this village lies its beach where you can stroll by and spent multiple hours gazing at the waters of the beach. Just like any other, Uttan beach also provides various adventurous activities that you can engage in to make the most of your sojourn. However, there is more to do when you are here. Here, you can visit the markets near the beach and also catch a glimpse of the lighthouse located nearby. Besides, you can also have refreshments at the restaurants and savour some of the best dishes that Mumbai has to offer.   

Murud Beach

Do you want to catch the sight of dolphins on your summer getaway? Then plan your trip to Murud Beach. Located in Dapoli town, Murud Beach is one of the best places where you can encounter dolphins and also click pictures with them. That’s not all. You can also enjoy the sunrise and sunset views here from the beach as it is the best place in Dapoli to get lost in the beauty of the rising and setting sun. Apart from this, banana rides and parasailing are the two sports that you can engage in. Another thing that will keep you hooked to this place is the horse ride. If you do not want to participate in water sports, you can try something different and go for horseback riding and we can guarantee you will love it. In case you are coming with your kids in summer, then do not worry, horseback riding is safe for them as well. There are professional guides that will help you throughout and therefore, you don’t have to fear falling. After an entire day tour to the Murud beach, you can end your day by visiting the Murut Janjira Fort from a close-up and learn about its significance before departure. 

Mandwa Beach

Want to visit a tranquil beach in summer? Then Mandwa beach is what you should look for. Located in Alibaug, it is quite easy to reach as you just have to take a ferry ride to arrive at this destination. You must be wondering why this place is on the list. Well, let me tell you why. Apart from mesmerising beauty of the beach and the clear waters, Mandwa Beach is also notable for serving as a perfect picnic spot during summer. The wildflowers and coconut trees surrounding this pristine beach add a unique touch of beauty to the place. So, if you are touring here with your friends and family, you can have the best picnic amidst nature and also participate in various activities this place has to offer. On that note, we have a suggestion for you. Come during the weekdays to enjoy touring the beach without having to face an immense crowd.

Follow this beach list on your upcoming summer tour near Mumbai and refreshen yourself in these spectacular beaches near Bollywood city. 

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